Those who own the Detective Pass will have the following advantages:
  • Access to unique rewards, including diamonds, charms, lots of useful items, as well as exclusive avatars and pieces of furniture you won’t be able to get in other events or offers. You can see these rewards under the decoder tape.
  • Bonus tokens. Wherever you find tokens, their number will be increased by 50%. This will help you decrypt the diary much faster. Moreover, when you purchase the Pass, you’ll immediately get extra Tokens as a gift.
  • Additional daily quests. Each day, you’ll get one additional quest, which will also speed up your investigation.
  • A golden design of your avatar and name for the whole duration of the event. It is visible to all players. This badge of honor is seen by all players, but you can hide it in the game settings.
    Important! The golden design of your avatar and name will disappear when the season ends.
  • Accessing the Bottomless Cache. Once you decipher the diary, you can keep collecting tokens and unlocking random rewards. The Bottomless Cache can be opened as many times as you like before the event ends.
To buy a Detective Pass, click on the button with the same name in the Season window.
If you have already collected enough Tokens for some rewards, you’ll get these immediately after the purchase of your Detective Pass.
The Detective Pass is active till the end of the event. Its does not apply to subsequent seasons.