What are furniture effects?

These are various ways in which furniture can influence rooms. For instance, exploring a room with furniture can bring you more coins, experience, competition points, and so on. If there are several pieces of furniture in a single room, their effects stack up but only apply to this one specific room.

Do unused and unpurchased items have any effect on my game?

No, only the items you place on the map directly influence the rooms.

Can I change a furniture effect?

Yes, but you first need to meet a specific requirement - get 10 pieces of furniture. You can acquire them at the furniture store, win them in events, or get as rewards for investigation seasons. Once you get 10 pieces, you'll unlock a new feature called the Reroll wheel.

What is furniture rarity?

Each piece of furniture has a particular rarity. There's a total of 4 rarity grades: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Furniture rarity defines the rarity of possible effects an item can have. For example, if you decide to change the effects of an Epic furniture item, new effects will never be worse than Epic.

What is effect rarity?

Each effect has a rarity, There's a total of 4 rarity grades: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the effect, the more it influences gameplay.

What are antique kronas?

They are a resource you use to spin the Reroll wheel that changes furniture effects.

How do I change the effects of furniture using the wheel?

Press the Reroll button at the bottom of the screen. If you have enough antique kronas, the wheel will start spinning. When it stops, you'll find out which new effect your item will have.

How many times can I change furniture effects?

You can change effects as many times as you like, but every reroll will require some antique kronas.

Can I undo the reroll and get my old effect back?

No, the reroll wheel does not have that option.