There is a lock on the doors of all closed rooms in the Manor. Tap on a room to find out how to open it.

First, you need to make sure that you have enough experience to enter. It's easy to do - the required level is indicated in the locked room window.

As soon as you reach the required level, the unlocking conditions will appear in the room window. In most cases, you will need a room key, which can be obtained for completing a specific quest. However, some secret corners of the Manor can only be reached if you collect a few specific items.

When all the requirements are met, a slider will appear in the room window. Slide it to the right edge of the window, and the doors will swing open in front of you.

There will be many quests associated with each room. Please note that quests relating to the main investigation have a golden border. You will get a chest with a reward for completing each quest chain,

All rooms in the game will become available at some point. Continue completing quests: soon you will have a quest to open one or another new room/ That is, of course, if you have not yet opened all of Mystery Manor's rooms.