When the game starts, it uses the last save of your game progress stored on the game server.
To save your game progress correctly, please play with a stable internet connection. If you are playing offline, then at the end of your gaming session make sure that an Internet connection is active. In this case, your progress will be successfully sent to the game server.
To make sure that the progress has been saved successfully, go to the "Profile" tab in the game settings. If the current date and time are indicated there, it means that your progress has been saved correctly. If not, use the "Update save" button.
Saving your progress correctly is also important if you are playing on multiple devices. For example, let's say you play on two different devices: You played without an Internet connection on the first one, and then immediately entered the game from the second device. In this case, your progress will not be saved. To prevent such unpleasant issues, we recommend adhering to the following procedure:
If you are playing offline on one device, then before entering the game from another device, connect to the Internet network on it. In this case, your progress will be saved on the server. Therefore, when you enter the game from the second device, the game will be synchronized, and you will be able to resume playing from where you left off.
We introduced this procedure so that you never lose your game progress and are able to enter the game from any device.