Only a team of four players can feed Rhee. Teams are formed automatically. The goal of each player is to help fill the monkey’s hunger meter.
When you start feeding Rhee, note the progress bar above her. It shows how hungry she is.
Fill Rhee’s basket with treats by pressing on their icons. Please note that after feeding Rhee a certain dessert, this particular treat needs some time before it can be used again.

Sometimes an icon with a certain treat will appear above Rhee. This means that she wants this dessert more than anything else, and it will satisfy her hunger more effectively.

You fill the monkey’s basket in real time. Try to put in as many desserts as fast you can, and don’t forget there’s a time limit. You can see how much time you have left on the timer.

You will see a timer on the dessert's icon.
If time is out, but the monkey isn't fed completely, it is considered as a loss.