There's another way to learn about the formation of a team. Open the Beach Battles interface and click the Union Battle waiting window to join an ongoing waiting list. Remember that you must have enough water to participate in a battle.

Only the team captain can start the battle. If you’re tired of waiting for the captain to find a game, you can always close the waiting window and leave the team.
If you choose to be a captain, make sure you have enough water, then press the water button under the "Union Battle" section. You’ll see a list of allies ready who are waiting to participate in the battle. A battle announcement and a button to join the team will appear in the Union Chat.

You may enter a battle if at least one ally from the Union joins the team. The new players will be added to the list as soon as they join the team. Your name will be highlighted in color, and a crown will appear over your avatar. If at least three players in your union join the team, it will be deemed a Union Battle.

Two teams of five players participate in a battle. If a current captain closes the waiting window, the second player on the list will be appointed a new captain.

An announcement appears in the Union Chat as soon as one of its members starts gathering a team. Players who apply for the battle will be shown in the windows. Press the "Fight!" button to join. You’ll also see an active horn on the chat's icon as the team gathers.