- Tap the turtle-shaped island, and the map of the levels will appear before you. Choose the current level and tap Play. Note that the levels in the game can only be completed in a sequence; to start a new level you need to successfully complete the previous one.

- Make rows or columns of at least 3 pieces of the same color to complete the level goal.

- Complete the level goal to move to the next level. You will see your objective before the level starts; you can also see the goal in the left part of the screen during the game.

- Get past obstacles. At some levels, you will come across various elements that make the game more challenging.

- Watch your moves! You have a limited number of moves for each level, so use them wisely.

- Complete levels several times! Note that the number of attempts per day is limited. The attempt counter is reset at 7:00 UTC.

Please note: you can always play previously completed levels to complete your daily quests or quests from Naomi.