Find Sidney on the beach, tap on her badge, and then on the "Play" button. To start a new game, you'll need caps. You can see the number of caps you currently have in the game start window.

If you don't have enough caps, you can always get more by tapping the "+" icon in the game start window, or simply by waiting for them to replenish automatically.
The main goal is to remember the placement of caps before the game starts. You'll only have a few seconds to do this! After that the caps will flip over and the game will start.

Your objective is to find all the pairs of matching caps as fast as possible and with as few misses as possible. Flip a cap by tapping on it and then find its match. Once you find a pair, these caps will be removed from the game screen.

Of course, misses are inevitable. The number of misses you have is displayed in the game. Bear in mind that caps can change places, making the game even more challenging!

There are useful talismans, which can help you to avoid mistakes and complete it faster. Read the corresponding article to learn more.