Eventually, your Island will be so luxurious you’ll want to replace old buildings with newer, more beautiful ones.

Tap a building and hold your finger over it until it rises off the ground. In the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen, tap the Demolish button with the wrecking ball on it.

If you tap the snail button at the bottom of the building menu, the process will finish instantly. If you tap Speed up button at the top of the building menu, you will see the available hardhats, which can reduce time left.

Attention: no resources will be reimbursed for the demolished building, and all accessories that were installed in it, will be lost. So if you want to save an accessory, remove it before demolishing the building.
Unfortunately, you cannot restore buildings you accidentally destroyed. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of demolishing a particular building carefully. If you would like to remove an accessory before demolition, please read the related article and find out how you can do it.