You can change the star rating of any building, apart from those that already have five stars, as many times as you wish using special coins. To change the rating choose the building and tap the round button.

The Wheel of Fortune can't decrease your original star rating, but it can stop near the less amount of stars than the building already has. In this case, the star rating reverts to the original state and the Wheel continues spinning, but the resources you used for rerolling will be gone. You can try again to change star rating, but you have to use resources one more time.

The Wheel of Fortune you are already acquainted with will appear before you. Change the building rating until you get the desired number of stars. Here are the special items that will help you:

- Star Coins allow you to change star ratings. You can earn these for completing daily achievements or find them in some chests on the Exclusive tab.

- The Lucky Star allows you to increase a building's rating by one star.

- The Star Set allows you to increase a building's star rating to five stars.