To link your progress, you only need access to a device with your main game, access to a new device, and a reliable Internet connection.

1. Open the game settings on the new device (you may need to complete a short tutorial before being able to access the settings) and press the "Link Progress" button.
2. In the new window, press "Enter code received on the other device".
3. You need to generate the unique code on the device with your main game. To do so, go to the game settings.
4. When you successfully enter the code on your new device, both devices will be linked, and the game on these will be synchronized.

Please note:
  • After linking, the game with the highest level of progress will be available on all devices.
  • Enter the unique code within five minutes after generation. Please make sure both devices are available at the time. When the five-minutes expires, a new code will be generated.
    You will have three attempts to enter the correct code. If you run out of attempts, please contact our Tech Support for further instructions.
  • For stable operation of the game and correct progress saving, please do not open the game on two devices at the same time. Before starting the game on the second device, close it on the first one.
  • If your new or current profile is on the Web platform, we advise that you register by e-mail using the Login button before using GI Link.

    Do NOT share GI Link Code with anyone.
    Game Insight employees will never ask for GI Link Code.
    Use your GI Link Code only in official Game Insight products.