How to Link Your Game Progress

Step 1: When you start the game on a new device, you'll find the progress-linking button on the start screen.

Step 2: Click the button to open the link window. Here, you'll need to enter a unique code.

Step 3: Generate the unique code on your main game device by going to the game settings.

Step 4: After entering the code on your new device, both devices will be linked, and your game progress will sync.

Important Notes:

  • The game with the highest progress level will be available on all your devices after linking.
  • Enter the unique code within five minutes of generating it, and ensure both devices are available at the time.
  • If you make a mistake three times, contact our Tech Support for help.
  • To ensure stable game operation and proper progress saving, avoid opening the game on two devices simultaneously. Close it on one before starting on the other.
  • If your profile is on the Web platform, register with your email using the Login button before using GI Link.