In city Editing mode you can build roads and move buildings, as well as store them in the Warehouse. To enter Editing mode, tap the icon with green crossed arrows on the tool bar in the lower part of the screen.

Roads: Building and Editing
To build or remove a road, enter Editing mode and tap the road icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
- Tap the existing part of a road to remove it from the map.
- Tap the free space on your territory to build a road section.

Selling and Moving Objects
If you want to sell or move a building, runway or some other object, tap it.

After that, the actions menu will appear around the object:
- The moneybox button will allow you to sell the building.
- The box button will move the building to the Warehouse.
- The button with green and orange arrows will rotate the building.
- The button with the red cross will cancel your last action, while that with the green check mark will allow you to save the changes.

Hint: You can also enter the Editing mode by tapping and holding an object.
If you can’t perform some action with an object, the respective button will not be highlighted.
Tap the blue button with the white arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to disable Editing mode.
You cannot sell a hangar with a plane in it.
You also cannot sell this building if a plane is in flight. To sell the hangar, you first need to sell the plane.