Adventure Flights are special flights that will eventually allow you to get extremely valuable prizes. To start the journey, you will need excavation maps. You can buy these in Duke Croocker's Airship Store. Duke only arrives on Mondays and Thursdays, so don't miss out! Each map is automatically used for one flight to the selected destination and is stored in your Warehouse on the Other tab.

From flights to places marked as Excavations, you can get chests with another type of map, i.e., flight maps. These maps make the respective city available for an unlimited number of flights. Flight maps are only valid for a given period though. Such maps are stored on the "Flight Maps" tab and can be activated there. You can also purchase these from Duke Crocker.
Each excavation flight can bring flight maps for five different cities of the same group: Travelling to these cities you can gain items for the corresponding adventure collection. Complete the collection 6 times, and you will receive a unique historical building.
In Duke Croocker's Store, you can also purchase various bonuses, chests, and consumable items at attractive prices.