The event is available to all Detectives level 11+.


Get ready to explore the new Sambadrome location. To open a new location you will need a Key to the City. To gain access to the location you’ll need Golden Dragon x10. You can get these items by exploring any location on the map.


1. Carnival Night — complete quests in the Sambadrome location and receive rewards:

7 quests — Wheel x 1
16 quests — Magical Chronometer x 1
25 quests — Pandora's Box x 1
35 quests — Event Avatars

2.Orange Fever — collect Orange Nectar by trading with Lemur Chieftain, Samba Dancer, Brazilian Dancer to exchange them for the rewards:

5 items — Refreshing Cocktail x 1
20 items — Double Rainbow x 1
55 items — Netsuke x 1
100 items — Brazilian Charm x 1


1. Samba Style!

Wooden wheels
Frame for the Float
Mirror Horse
Glistening fabric
Main decoration

Reward: Float

2. Brilliant Dancer

Tie with beads
Bell-bottomed pants
Deep-cut Shirt
Lucky hat
Pro shoes

Reward: Dancer's costume

3. Dancing Bikini

Elegant sandals
Shiny Bracelets
Royal Plume
Dancing Bikini
Embroidered Belt

Reward: Carnival Wings

4. In Samba Rhythm!

Atabaque Drum
Reco-Reco Rattle
Pandeiro Tambourine
Surdo Bass Drum
Agogô Bells

Reward: One-Stringed Berimbau

5. South American Cooking

Vatapa Soup
Filling Jambalaya
Peri-Peri Shrimp
Meat Feijoada

Reward: Creamy Pavé

Tools to assemble the collections:

Hello from Brazil Card
Travel Bag
Best Dance Award
Homeland of Vitality

All these items can be found by trading with the event characters.


Lemur Chieftain — item to trade is Fruit Mix, which can be found at Sambadrome.
Samba Dancer — item to trade is Hand Mirror; you can get it by exchanging with Lemur Chieftain.
Brazilian Dancer — item to trade is Carnival Bowtie; you can get it by exchanging with Samba Dancer.

Let's dance, Detectives!