Error 505 occurs on some Android devices while interacting with Google Play Market.

If you installed the game from Google Play, follow the official recommendation: Go to Settings ->Applications ->Manage Applications -> Google Play Store -> Clear Cache.

If you installed the game from Samsung Apps, we advise you do the following:

1. Write down your ID (enter the game and tap the cogwheel icon at the bottom of the screen: there you’ll see your Support ID).
2. Uninstall the game.
3. Install Alice In the Mirrors of Albion from the Google Play store.
4. Complete the training levels (the first 2 levels of the game).
5. Reload the game using a stable network connection; our aide Cheshire Jr. will find and restore your game progress.

If this does not happen, feel free to address our Support team, describe your problem and add your old and new game ID.