VIP status is a feature that grants you bonuses for advancing in the game! You can view your current VIP level as part of your profile in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Benefits of VIP include but are not limited to:

VIP Status gold avatar!
Increased star limit in the inventory!
Increased gift limit for your friends!
Increased energy limit!
More daily gifts!
Lots of other benefits for Economy, Progression, and Gifts!

Activating VIP:

In order to take advantage of VIP benefits, your VIP bonus needs to be active. You can tap on the “Get VIP” button in the upper-left corner of the screen, then press “Details” and get VIP status by purchasing game currency found in the store.

VIP Levels:

You will receive stronger benefits as you increase your VIP Level. You can achieve this by purchasing more game currency!
Each level of the VIP bonus is active for 90 days. When this period is over, the current VIP level is frozen until you get a new one. The frozen VIP level is indicated by a crown symbol near your name.