Shelly goes back in time to the day of Flower Festival. That's when her parents, Matt and Jessica, realized they loved each other. Help them clean up after a hurricane and save the festival!

To visit the Flower Festival island, click on the ship next to the bathyscaphe.

Alternatively, click the map icon at the bottom right of the screen to open the navigation panel.

Flower Festival is a Temporary Adventure. It's available for 10 days to Chiefs who completed the Dino's Cave event.



Cocktail Fountain

Tender Queen

How do I play?

Clearing obstacles

Use energy to clear obstacles that stand in your way. Click an object to see how much energy you need to remove it.

Clearing obstacles, you'll get resources for restoring certain objects and cooking.


You will discover bombs here and there. Detonate them to clear all the obstacles within a certain radius. Bombs can clear everything except for tricky objects such as ruins.

Gems are needed to detonate bombs found on the island.

To buy new bombs or use those you already have, click a bomb button at the bottom right of the screen.


You can find valuable resources in chests scattered around the island, including gems.

To open a chest, collect the required number of keys that drop from stone ruins.


Energy is the most important resource in an adventure. Keep in mind that Temporary Adventures and Treasure Islands use the same pool of energy. Luckily, wise Chiefs know how to replenish it:

  • Energy is restored automatically over time — one point per minute.

  • Find bowls of fruit on the island. You don't have to spend energy to use them.

  • Order a smoothie or a soft drink at the bar after you restore it. You'll receive energy as soon as the drink has been made!

  • Click on buildings and facilities like vending machines. You can get a little energy this way, but only once from each object.

  • Click the plus button on the energy bar to buy more.

Spend your energy efficiently to complete the adventure and receive unique prizes.

Read this article about adventures for more information.