The number of rewards is determined by your personal contribution and the place you take on your team. Try to feed Rhee by putting desserts in her basket before the timer runs out. If, despite all your efforts, you didn’t manage to fill her hunger meter in the time limit, don’t despair: you’ll still get a consolation prize.

If feeding is completed, but you score less than the minimum amount of points, you will get a consolation prize as well. The minimum amount of points at difficulty levels is different:
- easy level - 50 points;
- medium level - 2000 points;
- hard level - 4000 points.
To get a good reward, make sure you contribute enough.

To see the possible rewards, press the chest icon in Rhee’s window, and you’ll see a list of possible rewards. Rewards differ depending on the place a player takes as part of a team. The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards.