Weapons are required for each and every battle. You can get them at the Sandy Store by pressing the button in the Rob Malibu window. You can also get a weapon by following one of the special links in the posts of our group on Facebook or by visiting the game every day during the event.

There are several types of weapons.

1. Single target weapons deal damage to one opponent and are marked by a target icon.

2. Multiple targets weapons deal damage to several opponents and are marked by a triple target icon.
3. Restores your health. This type of weapon has a heart symbol next to it.

4. Restores an ally’s health. This type of weapon has a heart with a Beach hat symbol next to it.

There are two ways to use this:

- Pick the ally you want to help and tap the blow dryer.

- Pick an opponent, tap the blow dryer, and the health points of your weakest ally will restore automatically.
5. Simultaneously replenishes your health and that of your teammates. These weapons are marked with three hearts.

6. Increases your chances of dealing a critical strike or healing chance. This type of weapons has a star next to it.

7. Reduces incoming damage. These weapons are marked with a shield.

Learn more about damage and effect in the weapon description.