Race into the Sunset is a nighttime mini-game that lets you take your speedboat for a ride in the light of the setting sun.
Race into the Sunset is more challenging than Search the Waves because the boat speeds up over time, there are additional obstacles in the way, and there are more gears to collect.
This mini-game becomes available once you’ve traveled a certain amount of miles. Open the speedboat window and check the locked Race into the Sunset section to find out how many miles you still have to travel.
Collect all the gears in your way before the timer runs out. Avoid hitting obstacles and keep in mind that the boat speeds up over time. Reach the finish line to receive experience, money, and all the gears you’ve collected. The more gears you collect, the better your prize will be!

If you hit an obstacle and stop the race, all collected gears will be lost. But if you spend crystals to continue the race after hitting an obstacle, upon reaching the finish line you will get the resources and the prize.