Inspiration is all around us, and real art thrives in any environment. The modern world is a concrete urban jungle, and it was here that the new urban culture was born. What is so remarkable about it? The enchanting freedom of creativity! Meet street artists and plunge into the world of contemporary art! Complete all the tasks in time to liven up your Island with the beautiful and stylish Free Spirit Graffiti Park.

Build a Box Office

Complete event quests and build a Box Office on your Island. It'll generate Admission Tickets. which you can use to trade with your guests. You can also win Admission Tickets in the Lucky Boxes mini-game, or get them as a reward for completing daily quests.

Please note: Admission Tickets are only available during the event!

Meet Street Artists

These guys are always riding the crest of the inspiration wave, and they're ready to teach you their craft. They will give you Paint Rollers in exchange for Admission Tickets.

Meet Artsy!

Artsy is a real genius of modern street art. There are lots of legends about his persona, and not all of them are related to art. Artsy hides his face and his real name, yet he's ready to communicate with you! In exchange for Admission Tickets, he'll give you Graffiti Kits which include Paint Rollers and Spray Cans.
Artsy brought along an assistant - the Graffiti Drone. It will trade you Street Art Sets in exchange for Paint Rollers. Street Art Sets contain Spray Cans and Multicolor Paint.

Collect holiday resources!

Trade with your guests, complete daily quests, and receive event resources. Only with their help, you'll be able to build and upgrade special event buildings.
Please note: You can only get the resources during the event. If you accumulate extra resources, you can always exchange them for useful Helmets. To do this, find the seller Sam Watchyerhead on the Island.

Send holiday greetings to your friends!

Send them unique gifts!

Build and upgrade the festive building!

Complete event quests, collect the required amount of event resources and build the Graffiti Square. Upgrade it to level 3, and it'll turn into the amazing Free Spirit Graffiti Park, where you'll be able to host awesome events.

Get holiday accessories!

Complete the event stages to get unique accessories as a reward. Use these to increase a building’s profit and reduce profit accumulation time.
Celebration Accessories:
Expression Earrings
Increase building income by 15%, and income from events by 10%.

Geometry Earrings
Increase building income by 35%, and income from events by 30%.

Pin-up Earrings
Increase building income by 75%, and income from events by 40%.

Complete the event and get the prizes!

Complete all the Urban Creators' quests to get a golden statuette and the Free Spirit Graffiti Park!

The adventures continue!

Give your islanders a taste of street art by completing all the stages of the Urban Creators event. That'll unlock further development of the Talent Festival adventure. If you complete all the festival quests, you'll get the Idea Art Space. You'll also get an elite statuette and the special accessory - Pop Art Earrings.

Pop Art Earrings
Increase building income by 90%, and income from events by 80%.
Hold the Holiday of Hearts and Prickly Exposition events at the Idea Art Space to get a special resource - Color LEDs.
Color LEDs will come in handy for hosting the Freedom Flight event in the Idea Art Space. Each hosted event will bring you a Neon Cube full of great items.

Create chests in your Workshop!

If you accumulate too many holiday resources, you can use them in the Workshop to create useful chests.
Please note that you can use holiday resources in your Workshop during the event only.