You can switch between categories with the use of the drop-down menu. Red icons in the drop-down menu indicate that you have new recipes available in certain categories.

There are several categories availble:
  • Accessories - to craft most of them you will need unique Pieces of Glass and regular resources.
  • Chests - all chests in this section are unique and filled with useful and valuable items for island development. To craft them you may need regular resources, as well as Solar and Lunar Crystals.
  • Items - to craft most of them you'll need Iron and Golden Dice.
  • Favorites - all recipies can be added to Favorites for quick access. Tap the heart on your most frequently used recipes, and they will appear on a separate tab. To remove the recipe from Favorites, tap the heart again.
  • Event - this is a special tab that is only available during special events on the Island. Here you can spend extra resources of the event in order to get items useful for the development of the Island.