Liveries are an opportunity to add uniqueness and character to your aircraft park! Take part in regular events to collect a large collection of paintings for your planes. Please note: Many liveries have useful bonuses. To see the liveries available in the game, go to the Operative Hangar, then to the Stands section, and click on the brush icon next to the picture of an aircraft. Some liveries can be bought directly in this section, and some can only be obtained during a certain event.

Important information:
- If you apply several different liveries to one plane at once, only bonuses of different types will be summed up. If liveries have the same bonus, only the most efficient one will work.
- If the aircraft is painted in several liveries, you can switch between them at any time. To do this, you need to go to the Livery section of the plane, select a livery and tap the Apply button.
- To apply a livery to your plane, you’ll need a special Fan Heater item. You can get it from guest planes or purchase for 2 Air Cash.
- Be careful! If you sell a plane, the livery in which it was painted will also disappear.
- A livery is permanently assigned to the plane, which means that it can no longer be applied to another plane.