If you encountered a bug we'd like to know about it. Before submitting a report please check with a list of known issues — it might contain information about a bug you ran into. The following guidelines will help you accurately write a bug report, which in its turn will greatly aid us in its further investigation. Any detail and context is important, so when reporting a bug please provide:

  • a detailed description of the bug: what makes it a bug?;
  • possible steps to reproduce it: sequence of actions to trigger such behavior;
  • frequency of its occurrence: is it a one-time or recurring issue? If the latter, how often does it occur?;
  • time and date of the incident specifying your time zone.

Finally, a screenshot or even better a screen recording video of the bug is always appreciated. It is not a problem for the latest Android and iOS versions, as they have inbuilt screen recorders.

If you can replicate a bug that occurs only in battles and, most importantly, you can capture a screenshot/video of it, private match is the best place to do this.