An internet connection is required for the following game functions:
1. Clan events
2. Competitions
3. Ratings
4. Saving your progress on the server

Please note that if you do not have Internet access, you will not have access to all of the above functions except for saving progress. Any participation in events and ratings must be carried out on the server: this is necessary for checking and awarding points. Only after that can the completed tasks and the received points be displayed in your game.

Saving progress is possible without an Internet connection, but the more often your save is sent to the server, the less likely it is that even the smallest part of it will be lost. If you play for a long time without an Internet connection, there is a possibility that the next time you connect, your progress will be returned to the last save on the server. Therefore, to avoid losing your achievements inside the game, it is highly recommended to be online.