Update 6.10.0 ✈️

Vanquisher of the Sky is calling you on an adventure: amaze everyone at the grand parade, get nice prizes, and have tons of fun!
New season! Strange things are happening to a lonely girl in Camptonshire. Investigate the case and help the young lady.
Now you can alter avatars to your taste. Check it out!
New room – Dance Studio. Bring the gifted ballerina Yanina Kaminski back to our world and advance the Event investigation.
The Museum of Curiosities furniture is gone – get it back!

Update 6.0.0 🌕

The Full Moon evil has tormented Mystery Manor for ages. Time for the final battle! Are you ready? Write the final Full Moon chapter!
Turn up the volume — the music festival is about to start! Get ready for a unique new collection, amazing avatars, great furniture, and other gifts.
New Season! What will Mr. X do to save his bride? He'll have to be bold and daring to fight a hundred of Scientagma adepts... The struggle, the love, the fear - the diary has it all!

Update 5.161.0 🎉

Mystery Manor is celebrating its birthday, and you’re the guest of honor! Get ready for surprises, gifts, unique avatars and furniture. Join the party!

Update 5.160.0 🌸

New season! How and why did Mr. X build the Manor? Read his diary to learn the story of friendship, strife, and betrayal...
Spring is here – it’s time to hold a colorful celebration. Assemble the spring collection, take part in the competition, and win great prizes!
Decorate the Manor to your taste. Now, you can choose floor and wall designs for any room on the first floor – be creative!

Update 5.150.0 ☘️

A clover party is coming to Mystery Manor – join the fun! There’ll be gifts, competitions, and unique avatars. Dress code – all green!
New room — Museum of Curiosities! Archeologist and the museum’s curator Lan Wen will tell you lots of interesting facts about Mr. X. That is, if you can free her…
Last but not least: there’s something new and interesting on the Mystery Manor map. The adventure is just starting!

Update 5.140.1 💝

Update is here!
Valentine's Day is in full swing! A romantic collection, avatars and furniture — all this awaits you in Mystery Manor. Hurry to the game!
The new season has already begun! Will Mr. X be able to get to the magical garden and claim the golden apples? The road will be full of dangers and trials. Enter the game and learn the whole story!

Update 5.131.0 ❤️️

An Update You Will Love!
The Time for Love is upon us! Everyone in Mystery Manor, including Amourr the Cat, is ready to celebrate the Romantic Holiday. Collect Mysterious Hearts, and assemble a romantic collection to win amazing prizes!
New season! Only the worthy can get the magic golden apples. Did Mister X succeed? Why does he need apples? The answers are waiting for you on the diary pages!

Update 5.130.0 🌕

This update is full of wonders!
We are starting a Lantern Festival to honor the new moon. In Mystery Manor, all is ready for the party! Charge yourself with bountiful energy and hurry for unique prizes, avatars and furniture. Joshua and the Sea King are already dressed for celebrations and waiting for you on the shore!
New season! Only the worthy can get the magic golden apples. Did Mister X succeed? Why does he need apples? The answers are waiting for you on the diary pages!

Update 5.120.0 ⭐

We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true! Keep reaching new heights, and unraveling the secrets of Mystery Manor!
Thank you for playing and being with us!

Update 5.110.0 ⛄

An update full of surprises!
Mystery Manor is preparing for Christmas and its residents are waiting for you in the Christmas court. Daily gifts, Santa’s surprises, and amazing stories: Feel the holiday spirit!
For the first time in the game: Design the floors and walls to your taste! Create a unique style and comfort in each room.
New season! Mister X witnessed a mysterious death. He suspects scientists in conducting a cruel experiment ... Gather your courage and uncover the truth!

Update 5.100.0 🍁

Sunny Fall Update
Fall is in full swing, why not have a party? Collect Mysterious Leaves and introduce the Sea King to farm life! Gifts, generous as the autumn harvest, await all detectives!
Years ago, the magic of Christmas brought three Manor residents together. You will travel back in time, visit Dresburg and witness a real Christmas miracle!
Prices are falling like autumn leaves. Don’t miss the unique season sale!

Update 5.80.0 🎃

Terribly fascinating update!
Celebrate Halloween in Mystery Manor! Gather pumpkins together with Vampurr and gain prizes.
New season! The beginning of Adele's career was overshadowed by a tragedy right during her show. Decode Madame X's diary and find out all about it!