Update 6.130.0 🌺

It's the holiday of love at Mystery Manor! Decode the flower message together with the brilliant florist Nicole Oliveras. What was the sender trying to say? Get ready for surprises, real emotions, intimate secrets, and presents!
New season! For centuries, people have been telling legends of the bountiful White Island. Mr. X is on the verge of a revelation… and mortal danger. Decode the diary and find out everything!
We also improved the overall stability of the app. Enjoy the game!


Update 6.120.0 🎄

Mystery Manor is celebrating the New Year! Get in the holiday spirit together with the Excellent Skier and Snow Cat. Winter fun, games, and presents await!
Soon after get ready for the New Moon Festival. Unravel the mystery of the Nian serpent and explore a majestic faraway city!
New season! Mr. X feels the call of a dark artifact. Disaster is brewing! He'll have to take on the role of a father, something he secretly craves and fears. Decode the diary and learn the whole story!


Update 6.100.0 ❄️

Mystery Manor is getting ready for the holidays. Its residents are already waiting for you in the Christmas court. Fun, wonders, and exciting stories — feel the holiday spirit! Those who visited the Christmas court last year will be greeted with new quests to complete!
From December 1 to 25, play every day to open the Advent calendar and earn gifts!
In addition, we have improved the overall stability of the application. Enjoy the game!


Update 6.90.0 🍂

A time of bright colors, foliage, and harvests - fall is here! Head to the Autumn Farm to visit Polly Travers, a friend of the Twiddle twins. There won't be a dull minute with the three perky kids! Who knows what adventures they'll find in the countryside? A fascinating investigation with an unexpected outcome, an autumn picnic, and heartwarming stories await you. Come and enjoy the country scenery and get your presents! The bus will soon be arriving at the Manor!


Update 6.80.0 🎃

New Season! Attend a Halloween masquerade ball together with Mr. X! The Manor holds a legend of a witch, and some believe she's still alive. Lives are at stake, don't waste any time!
Trick or treat! Put on your best costume and head over to the Amusement Park for Halloween celebrations. A merry fellow whose laughter will giive you goosebumps is already waiting for you...
Design rooms your way! Now you can select designs for floors and walls even in the farthest rooms on the second floor.


Update 6.60.0 ☠️

All hands on deck! Josh Ginger Beard and the Ghost of Pirate are calling you on an adventure! Meet daring Cpt. Xana and find the Treasure of Davy Jones. Yo-ho-ho, and a bunch of prizes!
New season! The price of success can be steep. A terrifying curse strips a young man of his flesh and blood. Solve the mystery while there's still precious little time to save him.
The Observatory has lost its charm after The Event. Restore the old vibe with furniture and scientific equipment.


Update 6.50.0 ⚽

Seaside Fitness Marathon — sounds great, right? A fitness instructor named Gray DeLong has already prepared everything to boost your wellness! Board the bus near the Manor to reach the destination!
Some detectives encountered problems while meeting with the Astral Detective and the Sea King. We fixed all that. Now these encounters are purely positive!
The issues with the Match-3 mini-game have also been resolved. Complete all the levels!


Update 6.40.0 🌴

Summer's here - time to unwind and have fun! Grab a cocktail on the beach, eat some juicy watermelon, win prizes, and meet Fiery Fashionista!
New season! The first rock-n-roll festival was overshadowed by tragedy. What was it: accident or murder? Should the police be trusted? Solve the case together with Mr. X!
New room - Observatory! What did the stars tell the astronomer about the Event? How is he related to Mr. X? Find out all the details and advance the investigation.